Concrete Repair and Concrete Cancer

The RTL Trades Roofing and Remedial Team are licenced, experienced and specialise in the early detection and rectification of concrete cancer. Concrete cancer (also known as concrete spalling) is a serious issue that affects many complexes in one way or another, particularly in coastal areas, such as the Gold Coast. 

If left unattended, concrete cancer can cause significant and costly issues. Unfortunately, underlying problems in concrete structures are not always obvious.

What does concrete cancer look like?

Concrete Cancer on the side of a building

Signs of concrete cancer include: 

What causes concrete cancer?

Concrete Cancer on a building
Process of removing and replacing the affected concrete

Concrete Repair and treatment of concrete cancer

If concrete cancer is not treated, it can not only slowly kill a building but if left unattended can become a very expensive fix in the long run. Additionally, the risk of injury to people and property is also high, due to pieces of concrete becoming loose and falling off the building.

Aesthetic approaches such as a coat of paint or replacing the affected concrete will just not suffice. Underlying concrete cancer problems do not go away by themselves and if left untreated, will cause even more problems – becoming more costly in the long run! You need concrete repair experts to undertake the correct concrete repair procedures from the very start.

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Concrete repair requires a thorough and methodological approach. RTL Trades have years of experience in concrete cancer rectification – with the ability to refine the most suitable concrete refurbishment method for each individual project or building. Get in touch to see how we can assist you. 

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