Hot Water System Installations

Until something breaks, you usually take your plumbing and water for granted – particularly in the cooler months. RTL Trades team of Plumbers and Electricians are experienced and knowledgeable to help you with all your Hot Water System needs. 

RTL's team of Plumbing tradesmen attend numerous upskilling sessions with all of the major Hot Water Unit suppliers. Therefore ensuring we are knowledgeable and competent in carrying out repairs to your Hot Water Unit. Too many companies are quick to push you to replace the unit. Usually because they don’t know how to repair them and haven’t invested time in finding out how. However, our team will always attempt to repair the hot water unit if possible. This will hopefully extend the life expectancy of your Hot Water Unit and save you spending money on a costly replacement when you don’t need to.

The size and type of hot water system you need depend on your household’s or office usage; the number of people living with you and how many bathrooms there are. Above all, we are very happy to discuss with you the type and size of hot water system suitable for your needs.

If your Hot Water Unit is beyond economical repair, our team are licenced to carry out installation of the following Hot Water Types:

Electric Storage Hot Water Unit

A little more expensive to run, but more cost effective set up costs. Electric hot water units heat the water using a heating element then store it in the tank so it’s ready when you need it. In short, this means you usually get mains pressure hot water to your appliances and showers too, and can use them at the same time! We have Electricians in-house who work with the Plumber with installation.

Gas Storage

The gas hot water tank consists of a tank or cylinder with a thermostatically controlled gas burner in the bottom of it, which heats the gas hot water tank. Well insulated, it keeps the water hot in between heating cycles. To sum up, gas storage hot water tanks are energy efficient, particularly if you choose one of the new 4 or 5-star gas hot water models. 

Gas ​Instantaneous

Instant gas hot water systems are wall mounted, compact and only heat up the water as it passes through. Subsequently saving on gas and therefore the cost to run. A continuous flow Hot Water System heats only as much water as you need, when you need it. However it take a few seconds before hot water starts flowing from the tap.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling, as they can use renewable heat sources in our surroundings. Certainly if you would like to know if a heat pump is suitable for you, give our service technicians a call and we will offer you advice tailored to your household.

​Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water consists of solar collector panels located on the roof and a storage tank. The storage tank usually has an electric or gas booster element to keep the water hot on days with less sunshine, or during winter when you need extra warm showers. To conclude, a cost effective unit in the long run, which reduces your carbon footprint. 

​Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

A hot water recirculation pump is to ensure that hot water is always available as close to the consumption point as possible. This reduces water wastage, increases comfort delivers nearly instant hot water. In short, the pump keeps the hot water constantly flowing, so when a hot water tap is turned on, the water will be hot.

Instantaneous Hot Water

For those who enjoy hot water at the turn of a tap or push of a button, this is the hot water heating system you need! Not only is this system designed to never run out of hot water, they are also highly efficient. Additionally, they are ideal for use in your kitchen for making tea and coffee. Which is especially great for offices where hot water is in constant high demand.

Hot Water Unit Repairs

You may not need a new system, but rather maintenance and repairs. RTL’s licensed Plumbers cover Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Additionally, we are available to test your system to discover what the problem is. But more importantly, how we can get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Hot Water Unit Maintenance and Servicing

Like anything, your Hot Water Unit requires regular maintenance and servicing to ensure optimum performance. A yearly service of your Hot Water Unit will help us identify any components that require repair and or replacement. Most, if not all, Hot Water Units will last a life time if several of the key components are regularly inspected and maintained. Subsequently, this will also ensure that your Hot Water Unit doesn’t burst or leak and cause untold damage to the surrounding area. 

Please contact our office to set up a recurring maintenance inspection of your Hot Water Unit.

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