Installation of Touch-Free Sensor Taps and Soap Dispensers

As COVID-19 Coronavirus spreads, it's more important than ever to ensure hygiene is maximised and contamination is minimised. RTL Trades Plumbers specialise in installing and servicing touch-free Sensor Taps, Sensor Soap Dispensers and touch-free hand sanitiser. 

Sensor Taps and Soap Dispensers minimise the need for manual operation, therefore reducing contamination. Touch-Free solutions are particularly great for Shopping Centres, Commercial and Office Locations, Hospitality and Healthcare environments. 

Automatic taps and soap dispensers have a sensor which when it senses the presence of a hand in the area, the water flow or soap is activated. Sensor taps in particular can achieve up to 60% water savings versus regular taps. 

Touch-Free Tap Installation and Maintenance

RTL Trades team of Maintenance Plumbers supply and install Touch-Free Sensor Taps. Automatic sensor taps come in a range of styles - wall mounted, fixed to a basin or bench mounted. We also service sensor taps, which can be a stand-alone service or part of an ongoing maintenance plan. 

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Touch-Free Soap Dispensers Installation and Maintenance

Touch-free Automatic Sensor Soap Dispensers are stylish and practical. With little ongoing maintenance required, they are the perfect solution for any commercial setting. 

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Touch-Free Sanitisation Stations

For locations where hand washing facilities are limited, or for at the entrance of your building - hand sanitiser is a must. RTL Trades, alongside our Handyman team, are able to install touch fee hand sanitiser locations wherever required. It's more important than ever, particularly during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic that cross-contamination is kept to an absolute minimum. 

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Plumbing Maintenance

Our team of plumbers are experts of their trade. Professional and reliable, we're confident you'll receive the best advice from our tradesmen and Plumbing Maintenance teams. RTL Trades are able to set your commercial premises on a maintenance plan, to ensure all taps and fixtures are serviced and working as they should. 

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