Burst Pipes

Burst pipes and Preventative Maintenance. Time is not something that’s on your side when it comes to a burst water pipe. The smallest crack can flood your entire home within hours. You can rectify this emergency quickly and effectively using the following steps. 

​Burst Pipes and Preventative Maintenance

​Dealing with a burst water pipe

​1. Turn off the mains water supply to your home

The first thing you need to do is turn off the main water valve to your home. If you live in an apartment building, a quick call to the body corporate to have them shut the water off for you will need to be made immediately. If you’re in a house, your water meter is usually located near the curb in front of your home. You’ll see a lid marked ‘water’.

Once the main water valve has been closed off, open your taps so that all the excess water in your pipes can drain.

2. Call RTL (1300 000 785 (RTL) to get a Plumber to assess the situation

Call your plumber immediately! A burst water pipe can cause significant damage to your home very quickly. Don’t waste time debating over whether or not you should call a plumber. You can contact us on (1300 000 785 (RTL).

​3. Do not touch anything electrical

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to electricity and water, so it’s best to shut off your main electricity circuits to avoid any safety hazards. If you have any water coming through the ceiling, turn your electricity off. Do not touch light switches or appliances and call a licenced electrician to inspect and rectify any faults before returning the power supply back to normal.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is not just for commercial premises and those with industrial equipment. It pays in the long run to have your plumbing, drains, Hot Water Unit’s, roof and gutters regularly inspected to ensure they are operating efficiently and free of immediate issues that can potentially cause damage to your property.

Flexi hoses

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Flexi hoses which are braided hoses which connect to the dishwasher, washing machine, under your kitchen and bathroom sink and water to the toilet can burst. Flexi hoses generally speaking have around a 5 to 10 year lifespan before they start to deteriorate and fail. A burst flexi hose is essentially like leaving a tap on for an extended period of time! The damage caused can happen very quickly.

We have attended many properties that have had the unfortunate experience of having a burst flexi hose and the damage can be costly & catastrophic.

Carrying out an inspection of your flexible hoses and connections ensures there are no weak points that could in turn burst and result in flooding. If you’ve lived in your property for over 10 years and haven’t had the flexi hoses looked at, they may need replacing by a licenced Plumber.

Roof and Gutter

A roof and gutter clean will ensure correct drainage. Ensuring your roof is watertight and gutters cleared on a 12 monthly basis will save broken guttering and leaks during storm season. 

Flexi Hose

Blocked Drains

Knowing you have a problem drain and ignoring it is not smart. Equally, you may not know you have an issue until it is investigated. A CCTV drain inspection of your property’s mains or a visual inspection of your sanitary fixtures’ waste pipes and traps will help to determine any underlying issues such as tree root ingress, hair, soap scum build-up etc. which may cause a blockage and sewerage back-up to the property.

Gas Appliances

A pressure test of your gas service pipe as well as testing your appliances will lead to improved gas consumption and may even identify gas leaks that could save your life. Upon completion of work on your gas service, RTL will always issue you a Gas Certificate to provide assurance that works have been completed in line with relevant standards and regulations.

Hot Water Unit

The most common plumbing item that will give out when you least expect it. With several serviceable components and valves that require maintenance, we can extend the life of your hot water unit substantially. We recommend your hot water unit is serviced every 12 – 18 months, as per manufacturer guidelines.

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